What and Why?

We will focus on unschooling! How can a family move nearer to a peaceful life of joyful learning?

We will have time to clarify, to laugh and to smile.
We will have an adjoining room for quiet play, and one nearby for older kids and games.

IF UNSCHOOLING IS NEW to you, please read here to see whether you think this is something of interest. It's not a good fit for someone who might get there and say "WHAT!? What craziness is THIS!?"
Help for New Unschoolers
Just Add Light and Stir

and the best intro for new unschoolers is
Pam Laricchia's free e-mail series here:
If you consider yourself a more experienced unschooler and you're not a member of the Always Learning discussion, you might want to join.
Always Learning at yahoogroups
Questions can be sent to Sandra@SandraDodd.com

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