Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teresa, Rose, and Fiona Hess, from Langley, WA

We are coming from Langley, Washington which is a small town on Whidbey Island, 25 miles north of Seattle. I (Teresa) grew up in Minneapolis and am so happy that a return trip to my home state can include attending an ALL Symposium!

I first discovered unschooling when my oldest daughter (now seven) was two. As more and more situations arose for us in which traditional parenting called for traditional discipline methods, I desired an alternative parenting approach. We were already doing attachment parenting, but even within that community, I wasn't finding what I was looking for. I didn't want to use punishments, rewards, anger, guilt, shame, or "gentle discipline." But then I was left wondering...what can I do? How can I handle these situations in a way that is best for my child and our relationship? After looking around online I found Joyce Fetteroll's website and it make so much sense to me: be your child's partner, see the world from your child's perspective, say "Yes!" more often. By the time my daughter was school age, we knew we wanted to unschool.

I am home with my kids full-time and am passionate about parenting, writing, performance, walking outdoors, meditation, and connecting with friends over a good meal.

Rose (7) loves gaming, mostly Minecraft and Roblox right now, and would love to meet other kids who would like to game/Skype together. She also enjoys playing with Barbies and Monster High dolls and making up elaborate fantasy stories that the dolls act out. She likes making up her own songs, doing free-style dance, swimming, acting, and playing on the beach.

Fiona (3) is often found running around outside our apartment in nothing but a tutu. She loves puzzles, painting, balancing on things, Barbie movies, playing games on the Nick Jr website, and riding her new scooter.

My husband Corey is unable to attend. He'll be back on Whidbey, where he is a SOMA Bodywork practitioner.

We are really looking forward to meeting more unschooling families, being involved in the talks/discussions, and meeting Sandra, Alex, and Pam whose writing and wisdom I have found so valuable on my parenting journey so far.

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