Downtown Rochester information:

Friday, May 30, All Day and then a Pizza Party
Heritage II (not the room we originally had, but downstairs; there are signs pointing toward it)

9:30 Registration and a couple of stand-up-and-move games for adults and children together
10:00 Sandra Dodd and Alex Polikowsky: Intro, welcome, overview, announcements
11:00 Pam Laricchia: Spinning a Web: The Art of Learning

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30 Sandra Dodd, Fears, Confidence, Courage
2:30 Alex Polikowsky, The Unschooling Nest—Supporting learning and discovery
3:30 Sandra Dodd, How to Screw it Up—what you do NOT want to do

5:00 break, but don't eat! Come back for the pizza party.

6:00 Pizza Party, in Heritage III
Saturday, May 31
10:00 Sandra Dodd, Being Better
11:00 Alex Polikowsky, Misconceptions of Unschooling

12:00-1:30 lunch

1:30 Pam Laricchia: Kids Aren't Clones: Exploring our Comfort Zones
2:30 Sandra and the group (answering a question that was provided the day before; no one required to participate, but everyone can listen)
3:30-5:00 Dads and unschooling—Common Concerns
Sandra will start this off with a bit of what she's learned from and about dads.
Moms can't be there.

GAMING NIGHT! Board games, cards, after dinner.
Sunday, June 1
10:00 Sandra, Balance, Review and Happy Ending session

Afternoon picnic nearby, for those who can stay, with local parents shuttling those without cars.
Families should bring their own food, but there are places nearby to buy things and Alex can advise.

Monday, if anyone is interested in touring Polykow Holstein dairy farm (Alex Polikowsky's family's farm), Alex is willing to show it, and even transport those without autos (but don't schedule that too tightly!).

It's just over ten miles: Directions from the farm to the hotel, which you could reverse. ☺

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