Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Bergers From Iowa

Hello! We are Mike, Jen, Cole, Tanon, and Elliot. Norwalk, Iowa, a smallish town just South of Des Moines is our home. Our small house is a busy one, overflowing with boys, toys and computers. We love animals and share our space with two cats and an intelligent, old canine named Misty. She and Cole are best buds.

Our time together is made up of adventures in the nearby wooded state and county parks, frequent visits from neighborhood friends, gaming, movies, legos, and plenty of smoothie and bacon consumption.

Mike works outside of our home, developing software for annuity illustrations at an insurance company in West Des Moines. He is attending college in the evenings for a degree in computer information systems. Mike is a great cook, specializing in comfort foods and barbeque. He makes a raspberry chipotle sauce that is very popular with our friends and family. He really gets excited about gardening and has us off to a great start for this season!

Cole (14) is a long time World of Warcraft enthusiast. Unfortunately, he's taking a break from this until we can get him a new gaming laptop. He's known since he was nine that he wants to be a designer for Blizzard. He loves playing, watching, and talking basketball. An avid Iowa Hawkeye fan, he'll be attending basketball camp at the University of Iowa in June. When he's not shooting hoops at the park, he enjoys his Playstation games: NBA 2K14, Madden, Gran Turismo, and Need for Speed.

Tanon (11) loves his Minecraft. He's figured out how to create his own servers so that he has more control over who he's interacting with. A talented artist, he can sit and draw for hours. As the weather has improved here, he's been spending more time at the lake with friends and learning to fish. Tanon is a very outgoing, social guy and gets to know everybody.

Elliot (6) is a huge fan of ducklings. If we were just a bit further out of town I'm sure we'd have a few pet ducks. Legos are a daily activity for him. He also has quite the collection of lego themed video games (Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Indiana Jones, Batman, Marvel Superheros, and Pirates of the Caribbean...). A big fan of superheros, his favorite is usually Spiderman. Like Tanon, he also enjoys playing Minecraft.

My name is Jen and I work for the Downtown Community Alliance, the non-profit group that puts on the Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market and several other events in the area. The Farmer's Market is my happy place. I love everything about it and am thrilled to be a part of it every Saturday. I love to read, try new foods, and meet interesting people. Speaking of interesting people, I'm currently involved with the Iowa School of Burlesque, not as a regular performer, but as a member of the crew. I am fascinated with the history, the costumes, the comedy, and especially the creativity that goes into producing the shows. I read about self-sufficiency and perma-culture as we plan to have our own small farm someday. I'm sure that ducklings will be included in our plans. :0)

We look forward to meeting you all!

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