Sunday, May 25, 2014

Geographical Spread (who's coming to Rochester?)

21 families are represented by one to five people.

Here's where they're from:

Five Canadian, sixteen U.S.

Of the Canadians:

3 Ontario 3
2 Manitoba 2

Of the Americans:

8 Minnesota Of those, three are from Rochester and Alex gets her mail in Byron (VERY near)
2 Wisconsin
2 Iowa
1 Illinois
1 Kansas
1 Washington (state)
1 New Mexico

(There was a New York registration, but the plan fell through. Still it's a big spread.)


  1. I thought there were two families from Iowa? I hope the Bergers are still coming!

  2. Thank you. TYPO! My paper copy had two.
    When I moved the numbers from after the state to before, I just hit the wrong key.