Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Dolina Family

Hello! We're Ann, Dan and Sam Dolina. We live in Hopkins (a western suburb of Minneapolis) in a small bright yellow and blue WWII house along with my mother Jean, her two cats (Tika and Sweetie), one black molly fish (Blackblood) and our black lab (Easy).

Sam is our active seven year old. He enjoys Minecraft (especially the Pixelmon Mod), Terraria (just beginning this interest), watching Minecraft videos (Stampey Longnose and Ballistic Squid are favorites), collecting Pokemon cards, doing anything with dragons, movies, swimming, biking, bouncing on his mini tramp, camping, and playing with neighbors, friends, cousins and especially Dad.

Dan is an IT guy for United Health Group (and all of our extended family haha.) His work is only three miles from home so he bikes half the year. Dan loves reading science fiction, watching movies, camping, biking, playing soccer, learning Kung Fu, and being DJ when we are in the mood to dance.

Ann is me. I am an at home mom with a small knitted toy business on Etsy (http://simplyplaying.net). I love knitting, spinning fiber into yarn, dyeing yarn naturally, reading, camping, gardening, scrapbooking, watching movies and spending my days with Sam.

This is our first year of homeschooling. Sam spent his first few years at a Waldorf school in Minneapolis. We discovered unschooling in January so are quite the newbies. We're really looking forward to learning more about unschooling at the conference as well as meeting all of you!

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