Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stopa/Neary, Oshkosh

We are the Stopa/Neary family from Oshkosh Wisconsin. Our children, Pearl and Casimir, have always been unschooled.

For the past 16 years Larry has enjoyed a career in search engine marketing, an industry that did not exist 18 years ago. Because of this experience, Larry knows how important it is to learn on one’s own because schools cannot keep up with today’s rapidly changing needs. That is one reason why Larry is proud that Pearl and Casimir can explore where there curiosities lead them.

Jennie enjoys hanging out with her fun, funny teens (and with Larry too!) She enjoys theater, whether she is onstage, backstage, or in the audience. She loves traveling with her family. (The photo of us was taken at Yellowstone National Park in front Mammoth Hot Springs. What a great trip that was!) Jennie is grateful for the writing of Sandra and many others who introduced her to and helped her to understand unschooling. And she is grateful to her husband for financing this enterprise!

Pearl is 16. She enjoys many forms of art including but not limited to drawing, painting and beading. She also enjoys playing video games and practicing archery, as well as learning about geology and the Japanese language. She would love to connect with others at the conference who share her interests.

Cas is 14. He enjoys acting, playing the drums, and playing video games.

Here they are in context:

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