Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Room registrations and Reservations!

The Minnesota Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium is taking registrations and hotel reservations now!

The site will grow and might change in appearance, but here it begins.

Check the tabs above for more information, and there is a facebook group for questions and particulars here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/130892373753543/


  1. I am wondering how many people generally attend this conference. We went to Life is Good in Vancouver, WA a couple of years ago and there were more than 500 hundred people there, which was over-whelming for me and my kids. Though we live in WA, I was raised in MN and am thinking of combining a trip to visit family in Minneapolis with going to the Always Learning Live Symposium. I am thinking if the numbers are smaller, it might be a better fit for my family. Thanks so much!

  2. "Generally" doesn't apply, as there was one last year, and then this one.:-)

    We expect between 60 and 100 people. Not huge. Please read the "What and why?" link at the top to get a better idea of the format. We won't be in a big auditorium or anything like that at all. A big room with tables. The audience can color, play on their computers, draw, if they want to during talks. It's ideal for people who prefer smaller events.

  3. What are cancellation fees/procedures? Would love to register my family, but my father is terminally ill, and starting to deteriorate, so have no idea what my situation would be closer to this event.

  4. In a situation like that, I would have no problem giving a family a refund of conference fees. The hotel cancellation would be on the hotel's terms. I think if you forget to cancel with them they charge you for one night.